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grand art adventures

In the past several weeks, I have been teaching and painting, both in my studio and outside. I taught my first Ghost Ranch class of the season at the end of April. Then, I worked with a group of eleven women staying at La Posada. This was part of Grand Adventures and they were up for it! I also began the a series of classes called Pastels at Twilight, which will go through late July. This series still has two openings and the first session was great.

It has to be fun for me as a teacher or I won't bring energy and a love of art to the class....and it was fun!, I experimented with new ways to get participants loosened up and connected to what they were seeing. We absorbed the wind into our art. Worked a lot with movement and also with fixed color relationships from the color wheel. Switching back and forth between learning by doing and learning by concepts. The concepts and skills are so ingrained in me that when I work in my studio I am able to give myself over to the wonderful (and sometimes very uneasy) place where I listen to what the picture needs, not what I think it should be.

Sometimes I feel as if I am going deeper into the jungle and where I'll end up is getting lost with a big overworked mess on my hands but very often it's thrilling to stay lost till what is new emerges. It's never what I thought it would be. Conceptually, I'm in a thought process involving how to work larger within the pastel medium. There are issues with framing under glass that I am dealing with. I will give some updates on this soon.

Next weekend I will be teaching a workshop at Albuquerque Open Space called, "Taking the Inside Outside: Creating Images from Nature and the Unconscious." It's from 11 to 4 Pm on June 3rd. It is going to be both a creatively stimulating and a well-organized workshop. All materials will be supplied. If you are local, I hope you can attend. The New Mexico Art Therapy Association is the sponsor. This one day class is an opportunity for both non artists and artists - it's a chance to find places (both internally and externally) where you resonate with nature and....make art that is both deeply personal and fun.

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